4 Week Online Challenge Starts May 1st 2023


Hey shredders,

I am excited to share with you the first-ever MTB Mamas online challenge!  

The challenge incorporates every facet of being an MTB rider and a mum! It will help you to familiarise yourself with your true core and pelvic floor, and become self-aware about how you move and your habits both on and off the bike. We will look at Mindset and how that affects our riding. I have some invaluable Nutrition tips to share with you and the good news is you won’t be required to eat less!! Other important topics covered are: 

  • When, what, why you need to rest
  • Female physiology based Holistic Nutrition
  • Hormone health
  • The Menstrual cycle
  • Fitness and diet myths
  • Strength Training
  • True core training
  • Bike skills, and more!

 I hope you can join me! 

The numbers will be limited so book your spot now.

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You can’t go wrong getting strong!

The MTB Mamas online challenge is finally here! This challenge is all about helping you become a better MTB rider and mom by covering all aspects of your life both on and off the bike.

We’ve got a lot of great stuff in store for you, like learning about your core and pelvic floor, becoming more aware of how you move, and exploring how your mindset affects your riding. Plus, we’ve got some fantastic nutrition tips based on female physiology, which are easy to follow and sustainable – and no, you won’t need to eat less!

Our program also tackles some essential topics like rest, hormone health, the menstrual cycle, fitness and diet myths, and bike skills. You’ll have access to all sorts of resources, like daily check-ins, video tutorials, bike skills guidebooks, mobility exercises, core and pelvic floor exercises, and full-body strength and conditioning programs – and so much more!

The best part? All of this amazing content is available for less than $11 per week for four weeks, and you’ll have lifetime access to everything.

This program is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their fitness, understand their nutrition better, or just become a better rider and mom. So if you’re struggling to figure out what you need to do to get bike fit, how much rest you should be getting, or if you’re dealing with menstrual issues, this program is perfect for you.

So don’t wait any longer, book your spot now! We’ve only got a limited number of spots available, and you don’t want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity to transform your life.


Don’t wait, join us now and take your mountain biking to the next level.

Sign up now, spots are limited!




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