Full Pregnancy Fitness Ebook


The amount of women who want to train through
pregnancy and into motherhood is growing with the
majority of their guidance coming glorification on social
media vs sustainable, all encompassing strategies to support
their actual needs.
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Exercising while pregnant should be focused on keeping your body strong and preparing it for birth. Aerobic and strength conditioning are beneficial, however, core strength and stability are imperative during pregnancy.

The Complete Pregnancy Fitness is designed to empower YOU as it equips you with all the information and tools you need to make the best decisions regarding prenatal fitness for YOU at home or in the gym.

It contains a program inclusive from weeks 1 – 40, including what pregnancy adaptations to expect for each trimester.

I’m sure most of you have heard, “if you did it before pregnancy, you can do it during pregnancy”. But is this good advice?

Pregnant Women and Athletes do not need glorification or to be convinced that training is healthy, they need wholistic support that considers the mother, baby, core/pelvic health and an adjusted mindset because this chapter in their athletic life demands
modifications that extend beyond exercise.


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