About Me

I started riding when I was 19. I was lent a bike, and told to meet everyone at the bottom. There was no coaching and the bikes were very average, riding the trails that still exist today.  I’ve had my fair share of injuries both on and off the bike. I entered the fitness industry in 2006, specialising in pregnancy + postpartum exercise since 2011. I got my MTB coaching certificate in 2018. I stopped riding for a few years when I had my first baby and after the birth of my 2nd, I started riding again much too soon. My body was far from ready! 

very work opportunity, personal experience, and ride has directed me to where I’m at now. ackground as a personal trainer, mother, newbie, mountain bike coach, and learning from the best in the women’s health has evolved from a personal journey into something that is here to help support and guide you in your journeys. I am an empathetic, educated and an experienced Personal Trainer. My focus on is on sharing my knowledge, teaching strategies, self awareness for management of symptoms for life. 

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