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The MTB Mamas program is the most comprehensive program available for female mountain bikers.

Postpartum is often dismissed and misunderstood, which is why I have created an intentional training system to support pregnant and postpartum mountain biker’s actual needs.

There is limited guidance for this particular sport for women during pregnancy and postpartum.

My goal is to help women navigate mountain biking during the pregnancy and postpartum chapters and beyond with three main phases – Restoring, Rebuilding and Dynamic. These phases begin with post birth rehabilitation all the way through to athletic and dynamic phases supporting the whole woman, inside and out.

Conditions such as these are prevalent among female bikers: Pelvic organ prolapse and Incontinence, Back pain, Pelvic floor dysfunction and Hernia.

These and similar conditions prevent female riders from greater performance and overall satisfaction in this sport.

Our Mission

Our goal is to bridge the gap between Women’s health considerations and the physical and mental demands of mountain biking and motherhood. We strive to share and advocate for information regarding MTB and Women’s health in this sport.

The MTB Mamas program is the most extensive program for female mountain bikers.

The MTB Mamas program is the most comprehensive program available for female mountain bikers. We take a holistic approach, considering everything from start to finish, both internally and externally. Our focus is on optimizing function and performance, while also helping you evaluate the risk vs reward for your return to riding. For more information about our Birth to Bike MTB Athlete programs, please check out my shop

It’s important to note that there is simply no other program like “Birth to Bike” available.

 There is NO OTHER program like “Birth to Bike”!



Keep yourself informed about the latest information on post-pregnancy riding, pelvic health, childbirth, fitness, and mountain biking, as well as my personal journey as an MTB mama.

Postpartum MTB Athlete Program (Best Value)


Pregnancy is temporary, but Postpartum is forever! We need to adapt our training.

Pregnancy Fitness Program


40 week Course

Real Fitness for Mums Core Restore Program


8 week course

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