Strategies for Living with Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Ebook


There is so much information about what you can’t do with POP but there is not a great deal of information on what exercises you CAN do and HOW you do them. So, I’ll be addressing all that you can do and the strategies you need to manage your POP so you can continue riding for life and managing POP descent. 


There are many physiotherapists, doctors, athletes and fitness trainers living with prolapse. Many continue to exercise or play sport. It is depressing at first to be diagnosed with prolapse. As I mentioned in the intro, I felt like a failure. For the next 12 months there was not a waking moment where I was not thinking about my pelvic floor. Being able to discuss my concerns and fears with my physiotherapists and my husband was a big help to me. Who is in your circle to help guide you through this time of your life? 

This guide is here for you to be able to educate yourself on how to live with your prolapse and not let it ruin your life, as well as show you the way to be able to continue/return to riding!



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